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Overview of Dr.Anupama.M

Department: Psychiatry
Full Name: Dr.Anupama.M
Designation: Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: MBBS, MD
Years of Experience: 16 Years
List of Publications: 1. M Anupama, Uttam Shelar, Jitty George & Babool Raja. Conversion disorder in children: Characteristics and gender differences. The International Journal of Indian Psychology. Vol-3, Issue-2, No-5, Jan-March 2016.
2. M Anupama, K.H Gangadhar, Vandana B. Shetty & Bhadja Dip. P. Transvestism as a symptom : A case series. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, Vol 38, Issue-1, Jan-Feb 2016.
3. M. Anupama & Nagaraj Mruthynjaya. Temperament and Emotional problems in children with specific learning disability. Indian Journal of applied research, Vol-6, Issue-1, Jan 2016.
4. M Anupama, Babool Raja & Uttam Shelar. Personality change in intractable epilepsy: A clinical study. International Journal of Scientitif study, Vol-2, Issue-12, March 2015.
5. Anupama M., Babool Raja, Vikas Dhingra. (2014) Aggression in intractable epilepsy. Journal of evidence based medicine and healthcare. Vol 1(2), 89-100.
6. Anupama M.,and Babool Raja (2014). Factors influencing suicide : Life events, personality and coping, A case control study. Journal of evidence based medicine and healthcare. Vol 1(1), 29-36.
7. M Anupama., K Nagaraja Rao, S. Dhananjaya (2006) Ganser syndrome and lesion in the temporo-parietal region. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 48(2), 123-125.