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Institutional Animals Ethics Committee

Know Our Committee Members


Name Designation Position
Dr S B Murugesh Principal Chairman
Dr Geetha M Professor of Pharmacology Member Secretary
Dr.Pinaki Prasad Sengupta PD-ADMS,IVRI Campus, Hebbal, Bangalore Main Nominee
Dr.K.T.Sampath Director, National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore Link Nominee
Dr.J .Anubu Proff, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences ,Bangalore. Non-Scientific Socially Aware Member
Dr.S.Shishupala Dept of Microbiology, Kuvempu University, Shivagangotri, Davangere Scientist
Dr.Suresh Y Bondada Proff & HOD, Physiology, JJMMC Member
Dr.K.Sathyavardhan Senior Faculty Member, Zology, STG, Davangere Member
Dr.Khazi N. Nizar Ahmed Vet Surgeon, Animal house in charge, JJMMC Member