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Overview of Dr.Srinivas.L.D

Department: Pharmacology
Full Name: Dr.Srinivas.L.D
Designation: Associate Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: M.B.B.S. and M.D.
Working at JJMMC Since: NA
Years of Experience Post PG : 8 years
List of Publications: 1. Srinivas.L.D., Kiran. L.J., Shivashankara Murthy.K.G., N.S. Babushw., Effect of ethyl acetate extract of acacia catechu bark (EAAB) on hepatoxicity induced by carbon tetrachloride in albino rats and its comparison with silymarin. Journal of Pharmacy research-2012,5(5),2773-2777.
2. Sharanabasayya swamy.B.Hiremath., L.D. Srinivas., Survival benefits of telipressin and non responder state in hepatorenal syndrome: A meta-analysis., Indian Journal of Pharmacology, Feb-2013., Vol-45, issue-1.
3. Sharanabasayya swamy.B.Hiremath., L.D. Srinivas., A study on anxiolytic activity of AZADIRACHTA INDICA leaves in wister albino rats.- International Journal of advances in pharmaceutical research Nov-2011, Vol-2, Issue11/563-568.
4. Sharanabasayya swamy.B.Hiremath., Sohit Anand., L.D. Srinivas., Mohammad Rafiuddin Rashed, Effect of calcium on anxiolytic activity of diazepam and verapamil in rats.- ., Indian Journal of Pharmacology, Dec-2010, Vol-42, issue-6/406 -408.
5. Narendranth.S., Srinivas.L.D., Comparison of Bleeding time changes in essential Hypertension patients on Losartan or Amlodipine: a prospective observational study. International Journal of basic & clinical pharmacology. July-2016-Vol-5 issue 4/page 1555.
6. Sharanabasayya swamy.B.Hiremath., L.D. Srinivas., efficacy of Midodrine plus Octreotide in Hepatorenal syndrome: A metanalysis- International Journal of Research in Ayurveda & Pharmacy June-2012 Vol-3, issue-IV, page No-576