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Dr. Vivian Samuel

Overview of Dr.Vivian Samuel

Department: Biochemistry
Full Name: Dr.Vivian Samuel
Designation: Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: M.B.B.S. and M.D. (Biochemistry)
Working at JJMMC Since: 29/09/1999
Years of Experience Post PG : 16 Years
Publications (Most recent on the top: 1) A study of Adenosine Deaminase activity in Pre-eclampsia and Normotensinsive pregnant women at tertiary care hospital in Karnataka. Int. J. Pharm Bio Sci 2016 April;7(2)(B)446-450.
2) Serum ferritin and HbA1c in non-diabetics with iron deficiency anaemia; Int. Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Bio-sciences. 4 (4); July-Aug 2015; 115-125.
3) Potential role of Oxidation stress and antioxidant deficiency in Pathogenesis of Psoriasis; Int.J.Pharma. Bio Sci.2013 July: 4 (3): (B) 1039-1044.
4) Oxidative modification in Diabetic Neuropathy. Biochemistry an Indian Journal. 2011; 5(2):75-79.
5) Evaluation of antioxidant status in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with and without complications. Biomedicine; 2011;31(1):64-68.
6) Pro-oxidant and Antioxidant status in type 2 Diabetes with relation to its duration. International Journal of Pharma and Biosciences, 2011; April-June; Vol 2, issue-2:386-391.
7) Potential Role of Oxidative stress and antioxidant Deficiency in Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research. 2011; Vol. 3(2) 1046-1051.
8) Impaired Antioxidant Defense Mechanism in Diabetic Retinopathy Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2010 Dec. ;(4) 3430-3436.

ICMR Projects:
1) 1. STS-2014: Role of Adenosine Deaminase and Gamma Glutamyl Transferase in Cervical Cancer. Ref. No. 2014 – 03657.
2) 2. Study of Salivary Malondialdehyde in Oral Submucous fibrosis. Ref. No. 2015-03922.
Memberships: Association of Medical Biochemists Karnataka and Association of Medical Biochemists of India.