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Overview of Dr.Uma.B.R

Department: Anesthesiology
Full Name: Dr.Uma.B.R
Designation: Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: M.B.B.S. and M.D.
Academic Achievements: RGUHS Coordinator and Phamacovigilance
Years of Experience: 15 Years
List of Publications: 1. Journal -Indian Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia vol 6(2) (part-II) 670-677, 2019 Efficacy of caudal ropivacaine vs bupivacaine in paediatric population
2. Journal - Indian Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia Vol. 5(1)093 – 098, 2018 Intra-Operative Efficacy of General Anaesthesia Vs General Anaesthesia with Paediatric Epidural Anaesthesia – A Clinical Comparative Study.
3. Journal - Indian Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia Vol 4 (4 part 2), 1222 – 1228, 2017. Is General Anaesthesia With Paediatric Epidural Anaesthesia Superior To General Anaesthesia Alone in Improving Postoperative Outcome?- A Clinical Study.
4. Journal - Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia. Vol. 4, Issue-2.-214-218, 2017. “A Clinical Comparative study of Succinylcholine Versus Rocuronium in various Doses for pediatric Intubation”
5. Journal – Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia Vol. 4, Issue-2, 2017;4(2): 234-237 “ A Clinical comparative study of MicrocuffPaediatric tracheal tube v/s Uncuffed Endotracheal tubes in Paediatric airway Management”
6. Journal - Journal of Evolution of Medical & Dental Sci. Vol.4, Issue 55, July 09 2015, Anesthetic Management of Adrenocortical Tumor Excision in A Patient of Cushing’s Syndrome
7. Journal - Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia Vol. 4, Issue. 1. 138-142. 2017 Infantile Hypertrophic pyloric Stenosis-Does Optimal Pre-operative stabilization enhance recovery: A Retrospective study.
8. Journal - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. Dec 2013, vol-7(12):2898-2900. Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiologist: How famous are we among the General Population?- A Survey.