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Overview of Dr.Chatura.K.R

Department: Pathology
Full Name: Dr.Chatura.K.R
Designation: Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: MBBS & M.D.(Pathology)
Academic Achievements: NA
Years of Experience: 24 Years
List of Publications: 1. “A revisit of cytological features in phyllodes tumors”. K. R. Chatura, ThingujamDeeparani, S. B. Patil. JMRPS 2018:5:3-8.
2. “Gingival metastasis of adenocarcinoma with an unknown occult primary”. Naik R, Chatura KR, Mujib BR, Veerappa S, Gopal S. J Family Med Prim Care 2019; 8:1246-9.
3. “A clinicopathological insight of high-risk periocular basal cell carcinoma in a Central Karnataka tertiary care center”. Chatura KR, Sravani D,ShivayogiKusagur, Archana M.JMRPS 2018: 5, 1–5.
4. “A Correlation Study between Clinical, Histomorphological Features and Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors and Her2/Neu Expression in Carcinoma Breast”.Bindu B.J, Suresh K.K, Chatura K.R, Sunil Kumar K.B.Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice 2018: 7 ; 1031-1037.
5. “Diaphragm Disease of Small Bowel - The Unsolved Mystery and an Emerging Disease” Case report.Rudraiah HGM, Prakash MG, Siddharth VK, Basavaraj C, Chatura KR, Aniruddh Desai. International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research 2018:3;42-46.
6. “Bilirubin Crystals in Neutrophils: A Rare Occurance” Original research.Ramaswamy AS, KR Chatura, Prakash Kumar. Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice 2018: 7 ; 818-821.
7. “Yet a role for Papanicolaou test in cervical neoplastic lesions” Editorial. Chatura KR. JMRPS 2018;1;1-1.
8. “Missed diagnosis of phyllodes tumor and its implications: A case report”.K. R. Chatura, Jyothi Sajjan, C. R. Preethi. J Adv Clin Res Insights. 2018;5: 3-5.
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