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Welcome to JJMMC Alumni Association

The management and faculty of JJMMC thanks you for choosing this college to pursue your medical education. We consider all our past students as our brand ambassadors of JJMMC.

It is our endeavor to strengthen the bond and the network by coming under the alumni network. Your accomplishments and achievements will be cherished by the institution and serve as role model for the generations to come.

As an distinguished alumnus, you are welcome to contribute to the academic and cultural history of your Alma Mater.

This page is dedicated to all the alumni of JJM Medical College. If you were an UG or a PG student (Diploma or Masters Degree), you are requested to register and join. It would be great to rediscover and reconnect with people of your batch, seniors or juniors. Once in a while, we could create an event to get together and relive the moments of the past.


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A notification would be sent to members as and when an event is scheduled.

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