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Research Activities

Dr. Manjunath Alur., M.D

Director, Research

Research grants/fundings availed in the last three years:

  • A multicentric research project to Understand and Research Preterm pregnancy Outcome in South – East Asia (PURPOSe)”, which is being conducted in collaboration with RTI, International, USA and JNMC Belgaum and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The study also involves Doctors of Dept. of OBG, Radiology, Microbiology and Pathology.
  • Pharmacology: Implementing Pharmacovigilance in RNTCP for patients on Anti-tubercular therapy at community level. – By Dr. Santhosh Kumar M, Dr. Shashikala G H. RGUHS Research Grant

Ongoing Research Activities:

  • Forensic Medicine:
    1. Estimation Of Serum Pseudo Cholinesterase in cases of Organo-phosphorous Poisoning & Pattern of fingerprint in different blood groups among Indian Population.
  • Microbiology:
    1. A study on Distribution and Antifungal susceptibility of Dermatophytes.
    2. Speciation and antifungal susceptibility of Candida from Candidal vaginitis in HIV patients.
  • Pharmacology:
    1. Antihypertensive drug utilization study among hypertensives with common comorbidities. – By DrKrishnagoudaPatil, Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy.
    2. Dose comparative evaluation of analgesic activity of simvastatin in wistar rats. – By Dr. Krishnagouda Patil, Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy.
    3. Evaluation of Anxiolytic activity of Trachyspermumammi (Ajwain oil) in Swiss albino mice. – Dr. Latha S, Dr. Jyothi C H.
    4. Evaluation of efficacy of proteolytic enzymes combined with Whey Proteins in improvement of protein status compared to Whey protein alone in albino rats. – Dr. Latha S, Dr. Santhosh Kumar M.
    5. Evaluation of analgesic activity of the methanol extract from the Galls of Quercusinfectoria (Olivier) alone and as adjuvant in Wistar rats. – By Dr. Abishek R P, Dr. Shashikala G H.
  • Psychiatry:
    1. Short version screening for mental retardation and learning disability in school children.
    2. Factors influencing compliance and noncompliance in patients having psychosis- Comparison in different settings.
    3. Stress, Coping styles and Insomnia in medical postgraduate students.
    4. Undiagnosed sexual dysfunction in female Psychiatric patients.
    5. Prevalence of Nicotine abuse in psychiatric patients
    6. Coping, Insomnia, job satisfaction & psychiatric morbidity among School teachers
    7. Personality profile and Psychiatric problems of school teachers
    8. AST & ALT ratio in Alcoholic & Non alcoholic Hepatitis – A comparative study
    9. 10 yrs follow-up study of Psychoses
    10. Assessment of EQ & Self esteem in Medical Under Graduate students
    11. Assessment of empathy & perceived stress among Nursing Students

Student ICMR projects in the last three years:

  • Biochemistry:
    1. Anirudha Sharma. Study of Serum Homocysteine levels in cases of pre-eclampsia in tertiary health care centre in Davangere, Karnataka.
    2. Vinith Dadegal. Study of salivary Malondialdehyde in oral sub mucous fibrosis.
    3. Srusti Sahukar. A study of Ischemia modified Albumin in Acute Coronary syndrome Subjects and controls.
    4. Snigdha P. A study of reciprocity between Sialic Acid, total cholesterol and Uric acid levels in hypertensive.
  • Physiology:
    1. Heart rate variability in normotensive obese and non- obese young adults with parental history of hypertension.
    2. Comparative study of Auditory and Visual reaction time in bus drivers and age matched controls.
  • Pharmacology:
    1. Anirudh. Role of pharmacovigilance in cancer chemotherapy.
    2. Lokesh. Effect of Fluoxetine and Escitalopram on platelet count, bleeding time and clotting time- Comparative study among depressive patients.
  • Forensic Medicine:
    1. Gayana Sreenivasan: To Compare and correlate the dermoglyphic patterns among normal individuals and patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus attending Medicine OPD at Bapuji hospital
  • Microbiology:
    1. Minal.B. Shivaprakash, Bacteriological Profile & Antibiogram in cases of pneumonia attending to tertiary care Hospital.
    2. Piyush Garg: A study of neonatal septicemia a tertiary care Hospital
    3. Abhishek.G.U: Study of staphylococcus infections with special reference to mupirocin resistance in a testing care hospital
    4. Chandan.K.N: Microbiological study of leucorrhoea reproductive age group and its antibiotic sensitivity pattern
  • Neonatology:
    1. Validity of sepsis screen markers with blood culture in newborns admitted to NICU year of 2018-19

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